I SAID “I DO”! 💗 (I know this will shock you!)




I woke up this morning to the altar in my garden adorned with beautiful offerings in honour of the ancestors that roamed this sacred land and who for the occasion had descended from their higher planes to whisper a powerful truth; we are indeed worthy of a life of our dreams..

While the sun rose and the dawn chorus serenaded the spirits, my eyes filled with tears as I received their blessing..

A memory arose of a precious little girl with blond hair and big blue eyes begging her parents to get her a horse.. It was all she dreamed about, to have her own horse to love, adventure - and bond with in ways she hadn’t been able to with people..

Especially her father, an alcoholic more interested in drowning his pain than showing up for his daughters and who had always given her the feeling that she was “too much” with her unquenchable thirst to know more than he did and to break free from his fear-induced confines and explore the world… preferably on horseback at that time : )

That little girl grew up to be a talented actress, brave adventurer, passionate wildlife conservationist and gifted healer & therapist.

Her passion was to help others, whether by rescuing animals or contributing to the conservation of endangered species and touching people’s hearts by introducing them to the overwhelmingly humbling beauty of Asia and Africa, or in the last ten years by empowering people to heal themselves; she was born to give, heal, love and serve..

Yet that little girl never got her horse.. There wasn’t enough money, she was told.. And as insignificant as that may seem now, it instilled a belief in her, that if her own parents didn’t consider her worthy enough to fulfill her dreams, she wasn’t worthy of receiving all that she desired..

A wet lick in the face brought me back to the altar as one of my rescue puppies gazed up adoringly while nestling herself in my lap and I reflected back on all the times my subconscious unworthiness had shaped my life;

Being locked out of my marital home by a husband of ten years, without any financial support.

Being handed a 28 day eviction notice by Australian immigration, 6 years later as my bi-polar partner had reported me during a manic episode. No tearful repenting from his side could turn that around.

Conceding to run a highly successful ladies retreat for a boss lady, 6 days a week, 14 hours a day for $ 4 an hour, gaining 12 kilos as no time for yoga or any other self-care and sticking it out a full year as no viable prospect of my own retreat or healing centre due to lack of finances…


I checked myself into a fasting retreat i
n my beloved Ubud, lost the extra weight and reconnected with my Soul..

I recommitted to my practice of self-love and personal growth inspired by my profound spiritual awakening ten years prior, this time, investing tens of thousands of dollars into workshops and courses with Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and Neale Donald Walsh, a business coach and two weeks of ceremonies with a team of shamans in the Peruvian Amazon.


I returned to Bali feeling reborn and built a successful healing practice in Ubud the following years, until six months ago when Covid hit and I lost 90% of my business and several investments overnight.

An old fear of ending up back on the street grabbed me by the throat and paralysed me - I felt so lonely, unsupported and isolated.. Here I found myself facing another major crisis, once again alone, without a partner or community for support.

Determined not to be a victim, I did more inner work and embraced my higher journey of abundance, with renewed courage, joy and trust and launched a powerful new service, my Soulful Abundance Activation, which saw me booked for weeks.


AND THEN IT DAWNED ON ME… as grateful as I was, I was still playing it small!

I still found myself caught in a limiting time-money exchange, always overdelivering, giving more than I received with a clear ceiling to my earnings.

The pressure of having to launch new impactful and aligned services every couple of months to create enough (passive) income online, had me run for the rice paddies.



I held her in my arms and told her over and over, that she wasn’t just worthy of one horse; she was worthy of a hundred horses!

That day I came across three separate posts from friends, saying how their whole life had changed when they took a leap of faith and embraced a new epic opportunity.. I was intrigued...

After more research I found it offered a deeply aligned additional income stream in support of manifesting a NEXT LEVEL OF ABUNDANCE and financial independence, while making an impact BEING ME!

This was GOLD! Being paid to BE ME while taking my mission - helping others awaken to their truth and create the most empowered, free, joyful and abundant life – to a whole new level!

And THE BEST THING, it came with a supportive community of incredible souls as high vibe and conscious as I am (I know, who thought that possible! ; ). People from all walks of life, not only making a huge impact, but actually living their truth earning abundantly and building a life they love, while contributing to worthy causes worldwide.

Which brings me to you, beautiful souls; if you’re on a journey of personal growth, yet still find yourself stuck or overworked or in a corporate environment that doesn’t allow for much freedom, creativity or quality time with loved ones and where your true passions and joys have long made way for the ever increasing financial responsibilities…I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

And I am here to tell you… YOU WERE BORN FOR MORE!

And you are not alone! I’m walking this journey with you one step at a time and there’s a whole community ready to embrace you and see you thrive!



Additional to my therapies and healing services, my amazing mentors and I are here to empower you to create a life and financial security on your terms, so no matter what happens in the economy, you’re covered.

Imagine waking up each morning, in your dream home, leisurely planning your day, effortlessly marrying your celebration of freedom with your calling to serve, excited about life and the new ways you are now blessed to share your gifts..

If I can do this – so can you! Are you ready to say “I DO”?

If you are and like to know more, click the button below or reply directly to this email for more details and access to a free workshop that had me jump ALL IN!


All my love & to our freedom!



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