From Soul Guidance Clients


I had a Soul Guidance session and WOW WOW WOW, I can’t thank Esther enough for her gifts! I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve received so many types of healing modalities and channelings over the years, yet this was different from anything I’ve experienced. I was blown away by the depth of the energy, clarity and information I received, which was perfect for me to hear right now. Inspiring to get back to my evolutionary expansion and know the core wound it all stems from. Esther is so beautiful inside and out and an extraordinary gift to the world. I’m so grateful to have met her and that Spirit guided me to request her services. Again, thank you, thank you thank you!

Victoria S. USA

“Magnificent Beyond Measure!”

I have had many, many channeled sessions from high-frequency sources for most of my adult life at times where I felt I needed guidance, but I have to say that in the three sessions that I had with Esther, the answers were rarified and magnificent beyond measure!

In each case I was addressed by Esther’s soul, having obtained the information from my soul or higher self. Each question that I wanted addressed was delved into with so much detail and truth that it’s going to take me several times listening to it to really grasp the depth and breadth of what I might choose to do if I really want to fulfil what I came into this life to fulfill.

Esther is an incredibly clear channel and I felt absolutely no filter coloring the information that came through her. I would recommend her to anybody who really wants to hear the truth about what their soul is wanting them to know at the deepest level.

Gaelyn Larrick, USA

“Totally Blown Away and Amazed”

I recently had a Soul-guidance session with Esther and I was totally blown away. It was a most profound experience and the most impressing guidance I have ever encountered. Esther channeled my higher self, my soul and I could ask any questions I wanted answers to. It was totally amazing and I felt very strongly that it was pure truth that was channeled, it was so clear and direct. It really helped me in getting a clear view and direction on the different topics I needed answers to. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who is looking for answers and a clear guidance in life. I am so grateful and still totally amazed by it all.

Wilhelm L. Sweden


Esther is phenomenal at what she does. She is such a clear channel for spirit and speaks deep Truths that have an other-worldly quality to them. I was blessed to have a Soul Guidance session with her and the insight was so spot on and completely invaluable. I am filled with gratitude at finding this Beauty with all her wisdom, clarity and connection to Source.

Mandy V. USA

“A Profound and Loving Embrace”

I’m soaking in not only the profound and precise soul guidance (which is a great name, exactly what it is) – I’m simultaneously absorbing what feels like a higher vibration correspondingly. Like ruminating in a warm bath that keeps giving. There’s much information to grow from, and many things are making sense as a result of our session… along with direction gained in a way that makes my soul smile, while reminding me of old imprints that now have a loving embrace of awareness to be held in. Thank you Esther, you’re an angelic gift of otherworldlyness that many can benefit from. Your love reaches far, and offering reaches far. I highly recommend a session for anyone wishing to go deeper within – and open to receiving in a unique and supportive way.

Amy R. USA


I’ll try to describe in words the Soul Guidance session that I had with Esther, although I feel that words will never reflect the wisdom & gifts that come naturally through her. I entered the session with lots of skepticism, as I couldn’t actually understand how a conversation and connection with my higher Self would be possible, but decided to try and see, since she was recommended to me by a very trustworthy and mature friend. I came out of it feeling that it was worth every second, many of my questions were answered with such clarity that only my soul could reflect, not the common type of wisdom that one can gather through study and knowledge, but a divine wisdom that reminded me of all the things that I already knew deep inside, but have forgotten how to access. And not just that… the love that was flowing through her felt like going back home and being embraced by the gentleness of family, sweet memories and peace, all at once.

Esther, keep shining your light and for every soul that you encounter, may they have the inspiration and trust the call to connect with your gift!

Elena C., Romania

“Truly Remarkable”

My time with Esther today was truly remarkable, and I was left in tears of the best kind. When she channeled for me, she brought through a very high frequency energy and I was able to connect directly with the part of me that fully knows its divinity, not as a concept, but as an unshakeable, unbreakable truth. What a gift! I will listen to the recording more than once to bathe in the frequencies and messages that came through.

Robyn L. USA

“Extremely Moving and Deeply Empowering”

I had a Soul guidance with Esther. It was extremely moving and penetrative.  What was related to me was from a deeper and purer place in this cosmos. I felt connected to my ultimate truth related back to me. Nothing she said was surprising, but rather confirming of the ultimate essence that I am. Sometimes we need guidance like this to just touch base with our most essential selves, in a world that easily forces us to be something other. I felt empowered in my own truth and received information that rang so true. It was deeply and quietly empowering. Thank you Esther!

Joanne T. USA 

“Powerfully Healing”

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation for my recent soul guidance session with you. It was powerfully healing and life affirming. I am so grateful for the gift of conscious interaction with my higher spiritual self through your channeling.This was a transformative experience for me and I will never forget it. From my heart to yours, THANK YOU!

 Leslie V. USA


I was very fortunate to have found Esther during an extended visit to Bali. She is a very warm and compassionate healer. After a couple of excellent Reiki healing experiences, I trusted her enough to book a Soul Guidance session and this, literally, changed my life. The guidance was pivotal and touched upon the most fundamental patterns I had utilized for so many years, coping mechanisms that I thought were helping me. But in reality, these behaviors prevented me from being as successful in relationships and my profession, as I might have been. The message was articulated in a compassionate, supportive and compelling way; it cut through layers of denial. In addressing these issues on a deep level, I feel uplifted and supported in making changes that will improve all areas of my life. To be able to pack that much information and healing into a little over an hour is phenomenal. Esther is a true healer, so if you have the opportunity to see her, don’t hesitate. I am highly recommending this experience to my family and friends. It was one of the most profound therapeutic experiences of my life.

Gina M. Jansheski, M.D., USA

“A Deep and Intimate Experience”

A trusted friend had urged me to try the soul guidance session facilitated by Esther for a while and once I had taken the time to get clear on the essential questions that needed answers, I finally booked the session. Esther is not only an amazing channel but has a very special and warm presence which immediately creates a comfortable zone to settle in. The session itself was deep and very intimate. Nothing that came trough was surprising but was extremely helpful in providing me with the clarity that was needed in pursuing my path ahead. I can’t recommend this enough and thank you so much, Esther, for the amazing person that you are.

Farzam M. Iran

“Deeply Grateful”

I’m so grateful for all the clarity and wisdom in this channeling. Every word resonated on such a deep level and even though I had felt and subconsciously known everything in the messages it felt like the confirmation I needed. It will be very difficult to not listen to the guidance and wisdom that was transmitted and even though it feels as challenging to make new kind of choices and let big changes take place, I feel held and guided. I will probably listen to the recording many times. Deeply grateful for this Esther.

Lisa F. France

“Truly Divine!”

The Soul Guidance session with Esther was truly divine! There was so much truth and wisdom in what Spirit shared with me that I felt deeply touched, guided and supported. Now it is up to me to implement the learnings into my daily life which can sometimes feel challenging. The session touched upon my true essence and I feel so inspired to focus on self empowerment and deep self love. I would recommend this work to anyone who is interested in looking deep within to find clarity.

Heike K. Germany

“Fabulous Guidance”

WOW..thank you so much Esther, that really does resonate. I’ve been realising that this is a big soul contract thing. Probably my main one in this lifetime, and I can already see the growth that this situation has lead to within me.
Thanks so much for confirming this and for your fabulous guidance. It made total sense and has really helped. What a gift you have.

Claire B. Australia

“Mindblowing and Heartfelt”

I had the privilege of experiencing a soul guidance session with Esther recently. Everything she spoke of resonated with me, to the point of quotation from something I had read that very morning. It was truly a mind blowing and very heartfelt experience and leaves me with no doubt as to my path to follow in life.

Denise P. Australia

“Very Interesting and Moving”

Esther did a channeling of my higher self for me. It was really interesting and moving and confirmed many things I had been experiencing recently. In the following 24hrs I have been presented with opportunities to act on this guidance and am very grateful toEsther for her loving service.

Sophie D. England

“The Key I Needed”

I had my first Soul Guidance with Esther and I really recommend it. She listened and knew how to translate all my fears and doubts into powerful questions. The answers I received were clear and direct and very much connected with what was happening deep inside of me. Thank you Esther, this was the key I needed to start opening doors.

Belen S. Spain

“Thank You!!!”

I received a detailed guidance from Esther that totally resonated. Truly appreciate her time, effort and gift. Thank you!!!

Monica K. USA