My Regression Story

It was during a discussion of one of the exam assignments of my first Yoga Teacher Training when asked to compare the Bhagavad Gita with another ancient or modern text of our interest, that the book “Many lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss was brought to my attention by a fellow student. We only briefly touched on the content -which is a recount of Dr. Weiss’ introduction to Past Life Regression therapy forty years ago (an utter taboo in the 70-ties for a prominent psychiatrist)- yet a voice told me to buy the book, while not sure whether I even believed in reincarnation.

Only fifty pages into this fascinating story, that same voice compelled me to apply to become a Past Life Regression Therapist with one of the most esteemed Past Life Regression Academies in the world, a nearly two year commitment of study, practicals and six months of exam case studies.

When I awakened from this manic intuitive rouse, I questioned what I had done! I was living in Hong Kong and this course required me to fly abroad five times a year for practicals, not to mention the big financial commitment. And what was “past life regression” exactly? I had signed up to becoming a therapist and I wasn’t even sure whether I was capable of experiencing a past life myself!

This was both rather intriguing and concerning and thus I decided to try to regress myself with the help of Dr. Weiss’ “do it yourself regression recordings” prior to flying out for the first practical and pre-requisite of becoming a certified hypnotherapist.

While listening to the calm and soothing voice of Dr. Weiss, I felt myself becoming more and more relaxed and at his cue I suddenly became aware of being curled up in a pitch dark room with just a sliver of light showing underneath the door, too obscure to see anything else. Yet I instinctively knew that I was a Jewish girl in hiding, fraught with anxiety and that I would be caught and not survive the war.

It was a vivid yet fleeting experience as the tape brought me back too quickly, but it certainly had felt very real and a mind-blowing realisation came to me that this might have been the motivation behind my obsession with world war II when only a young girl myself. An avid reader, I devoured any books about WWII I could get my hands on –often far beyond my age level- and any movies I watched about the concentration camps would make a deep impression, with certain scenes having imprinted themselves a lifetime. An otherwise open-minded and loving child I expressed an innate aversion toward Germans, yet the universe set that one straight by having the majority of spiritual teachers in my life at a later stage be German.

My inquisitiveness and intrigue soared after this brief experience that resonated deeply and which, in my heart I knew, was real. In the subsequent 2 years I dedicated myself passionately to completing my qualifications while exploring many challenging past lives of my own -and help exam case clients- either to process old trauma linked to conscious and subconscious unresolved issues needing to be released and healed – as the purpose of the therapy is to transform and heal either trauma incurred in a current or past life – or at times being treated to a wonderfully peaceful and deeply connected past life, which was often set in nature for me.

Interestingly, from the moment I could walk in my current life I would bring in any animal from the street, much to my mother’s dismay who didn’t share my passion and I evolved into a huge nature and wildlife lover. Being in nature provides the major portal of reconnection to my Self to this day.

In my past lives, I explored having been a highly esteemed man of the clergy in France 200 years ago, risking my own life by helping an ostracised lady (one of my best friends this lifetime) who incurred the wrath of the village upon herself, escape a witch-hunt and death;

A lumberjack recluse living a very peaceful life in the forest, being entirely self-sufficient and feeling deeply content and connected with my natural surroundings;

An orphan and member of a medieval posse with my best buddy (my ex-husband this lifetime) serving a feudal lord by collecting taxes, burning villages and murdering people to impose his rule and wrath;

A Maasai warrior responsible for keeping my tribe safe and proving my courage and rite of passage into moran (warrior) hood by killing a lion;

An Egyptian princess expelled from the royal palace by the ruthless wife of my uncle after my father, the Pharaoh’s, passing, together with my mentally ill mother (my father this lifetime) and eventually ending up on the streets, abused and dying at the age of seventeen from starvation & desolation;

A tribal woman in South America specialising in plant medicine living a primitive yet very happy and connected life with my great Love, a fisherman (a friend this lifetime) whom I end up losing during a storm at sea, yet thanks to my son and granddaughter (a soul sister this lifetime) to whom I pass on my knowledge of plant medicine, living a content and peaceful life till old age;

A daughter of the Emperor’s advisor in Roman times, being forced by my father to witness my secret lover (an ex-partner this lifetime) being hunted down by him and dying a grueling death having to fight off a lion in the gladiator arena. The guilt and sorrow proves too much to bear and soon after I end up taking my own life;

A young English maid serving in Victorian England, 150 years ago, having given birth to a baby by my master, wrought with despair, guilt and heart-break as forced to abandon my baby (an ex-partner this lifetime) for the master and his wife to bring him up as their own son without my presence;

An aged and weathered female shaman in North America, adorned with wolf head and skin, hunted down by a male posse, as having become too powerful in my healing and therefore a threat to the governing males in the village, dying a death being ripped apart by wild dog;

An Inuit elder on the snowy tundra spending days hunting with my pack of dogs (I’ve had 6 rescued dogs at a time -including 2 huskies- this lifetime) and saying farewell to my beautiful family heading out on the tundra for a last sleigh ride before dying peacefully in the snow surrounded by my beloved dogs.

Connecting with my past lives has allowed me to gain a much deeper understanding of our soul’s journey, higher purpose, interconnectedness and the divine spiritual guidance we receive at any time, even when not aware of it. I’ve been blessed to receive profound life changing and transformational healing through my own sessions and have ever since been extremely passionate about guiding others in experiencing the amazing possibilities a regression session holds.

My love and passion for this therapy led me to train with Andy Tomlinson, a renowned regression therapist, Director of the Past Life Regression Academy and author of “Healing the Eternal Soul” and “Exploring the Eternal Soul”.

I am deeply humbled by the amazing journeys each of my clients takes me on while in awe of the healing miracles I witness. Yet none of this would be possible without the divine love that unwaveringly supports us. That’s why I approach each session with absolute trust that the higher Self of each of my clients will provide them with the most appropriate healing experience for that moment serving their highest good and with that the highest good of all.