From Reiki Clients & Students

“Transformational and Mind Blowing”

Esther is the most beautiful kind, soul who I have been blessed and fortunate to work with through some extremely challenging periods of my life. I feel truly blessed to have had Reiki and a Past Life Regression with Esther, experiences that have been insightful, transformational and mind blowing. Her intuitive ability is amazing and she makes you feel so connected and cared for while providing deep intuitive messages from your soul.

I would recommend Esther to anyone looking for healing or help moving through challenging times in their life.

The Reiki healings I have had with Esther over Zoom have been more powerful than in person Reiki experiences I have received.

Esther is extremely gifted and talented and anyone who gets the pleasure of working with her is lucky!

Thanks for all the love and light you bring to the world Esther

Sally E. Australia

“A Magical Experience”

I was so blessed to have been gifted a distance Reiki session with Esther recently. I was both excited and nervous but straight away felt at ease, as if I had known Esther all my life. She is truly a beautiful soul inside and out, and so full of knowledge, love and zest.

During the healing I could feel the energy flowing and the blockages starting to clear and once my body surrendered, I fell into a deep relaxed state of bliss. The whole experience was magical and I am extremely thankful our paths crossed at this time.

I am feeling energised and empowered and looking forward to the future and my next session with Esther.

Tracy K. Australia

“Extremely Influential”

My entire time, working with Esther, has been extremely influential. I was deeply moved and assisted by my Reiki sessions with her. I felt extremely cared for, nurtured by, and supported by her as I was moving through my “ stuff “. She kept a heartfelt open space not only during our session, but also in continued communication as I was moving through more , on my own.

Esther has an absolutely natural gift to share with anyone who may need assistance in their healing journey. I felt entirely safe during all of my times with her. She went out of her way to lend me support in whatever way I may need, outside of any personal appointments I had with her.

I feel so grateful that I crossed her path , that we had the opportunity to work with one another, and I hope that you can experience her loving assistance soon!

Ashlee S. USA

“Radiant and Powerful”

My distant Reiki Healing session with Esther was truly loving, inspiring and heart-opening. I felt connected and safe with her and felt the powerful energy and guidance coming through her, reminding me of who I truly am. Buried dreams and heart desires have been woken up in me, and I feel radiant, powerful and alive with joy.

I am so grateful to have been introduced to her and for this opportunity. My session was via Zoom and I hope to one day meet Esther in person in Bali.

Highly recommend this session, and working with Esther. Invest in yourself so you can better serve the world.

Laura L. USA

“Haven’t Felt This Great in a Long Time!”

I was so excited to have my first distance Reiki session with Esther. She is such a pure, loving, kind spirit. She really listens and has such a beautiful gift. She suggested that I created a space with candles, relaxing music, and a blanket during my session.

I had been having trouble ever since my dad passed away a year ago, and I felt so connected to myself after the work she did on me. I haven't felt that great in a long time! I even got clear guidance about an issue that was bothering me.

I highly recommend booking Reiki sessions with Esther, she is wonderful!

Kami K. USA

“Life Changing”

Last year when I did my first Reiki course with Esther I did not know anything about Reiki. Esther began by relaying a lot of information about where Reiki started and what it all meant in a way that made sense to me. I felt at ease and could ask her a myriad of questions which she never tired answering, even when I asked them repeatedly. I cannot really fully explain the dramatic difference that Reiki and Esther have made in my life. For the first time in my life I feel at ease with myself and truly in touch with my inner being. Without any hesitation I have recommend Esther to teach many of my friends and colleagues this wonderful skill. Reiki is a wonderful tool to help you truly understand yourself, others and to improve your own quality of life and the lives of those you love.

Kerri W. Hong Kong

“An Experience of Pure Love”

I have completed both the Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Esther. Prior to that, I also received Reiki treatments from Esther. She is truly connected to the Reiki energy of Dr. Usui. During the treatments, her quiet soul emanated love and her hands, as they lay on the different areas of my body, felt very hot and I could feel the Reiki energy streaming into me. She could easily tell which of my chakras were blocked, and gave me more treatment on these areas. I always felt pure love and it was quite emotional for me. After the treatments, I would cry quite a lot for a few days and I would feel the negative blocks leaving me through my tears. Both the initiations for Reiki Level 1 and 2 were quite intense. As we meditated, Esther gave us the Reiki energy, and the ability to tap into it ourselves with great ease. The experiences were highly emotional. I saw visions, cried, and then felt at peace and whole. I could feel the Reiki energy in me after the first initiation and began to use it on myself to unblock my own chakras. After the Reiki Level 2 initiation, which was even more intense, I received visions and symbols that connected me more deeply to the Reiki energy. Currently, after one year of having the initiations, I still practice Reiki on myself every day, as well as on my loved ones. My children especially, tell me they love it when I Reiki them before they fall asleep. My young daughter needs Reiki after any fall or illness. She can feel it in my hands. I feel more love and peace in my days when I Reiki myself or others. I am so thankful I met Esther. She has a glow of love and light that is actually visible when you see her.

Robin M. Hong Kong

“So Much Energy Coming From My Heart…Amazing!”

I did not know about Reiki before I met Esther, I mean, I knew that is existed but I did not really know what it entailed. I could call it destiny that I met Esther, since I was thinking about a way of opening my chakras during that time. I just felt that I had blockages, especially because I do not breathe very deeply. It turned out; Reiki is all about opening your chakras to remove blockages and to let the life energy flow through your body again.

I made an appointment for a reiki session and I found it a very nice and relaxing experience. Also, I really felt at ease and connected with Esther. She has this energy which I cannot describe and she is one of the most loving persons I have met. After the session, I decided to do Reiki level 1, in this way, I could make sure that my chakras stay open by giving myself Reiki. During Reiki level 1, Esther opened my energy channels and I felt so much energy coming from my heart, it felt amazing.

Since that day, I do Reiki every night before I go to bed. It makes me feel calm, relax and connected with myself. Also, when I arrived back in the Netherlands, Esther was always there for me when I had questions. She really takes the time to respond and help you. I am thinking about reiki level 2, but only with Esther, therefore I will come to Bali again! I recommend everyone to come to Esther for a Reiki session or Reiki course. It will be a great experience, not only because of the feeling of Reiki, but also (and mostly) by meeting Esther.

Carlijn L. The Netherlands.

“Forever Thankful”

Reiki found me at a time when I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. A good friend had been trying to get me to a Reiki Healing session for many months. I finally made an appointment with Esther and was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I felt after only 1 session. I was also excited to find out that I could learn Reiki myself. Since that session I have trained in Reiki 1 and 2 with Esther and have not looked back, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Reiki has opened a whole new world to me. Through regular self-practice and attending healing sessions, Reiki has helped me to develop the courage to make changes in areas of my personal and professional life that had been stuck in ‘status quo’ for many years. My physical state has also improved with less aches and pains and a general feeling of wellbeing I haven’t experienced for many years. Reiki is an excellent complementary therapy to medical treatments, I just wish I had found Reiki earlier. The peace and serenity I experience through Reiki when either self-practicing, through healing sessions with Esther or giving Reiki healing to others, is spiritually deep and personal. I have found no better way to relax and de-stress. Reiki has touched my life at a crucial time and I will be forever thankful to my friend for her persistence in getting me to that first healing session. I recommend you take that “leap of faith” to Reiki, you’ll never look back.

Kaylene C. Hong Kong


In trying to find the right words to describe the experience Esther so generously led me to, I will say that I feel like my subconscious need for change, spiritual progress and self-healing led me to her, and so I am forever grateful for meeting her. Esther helped me break down the walls I’ve built over the years and taught me how to open myself and my heart, and most importantly how to encourage myself to strive every day to unleash my true potential. In only the two Reiki sessions we had, I realized so many things about myself, became more aware and less confused about my body, mind and soul. In my next trip to Bali I will definitely want to learn from Esther how to heal myself and others using Reiki. I must admit I was skeptical at the beginning of the first session, but her calming, nurturing energy helped me forget about all that, and just let go. I’m glad I did, and will highly recommend her to everyone I care for, because, to be honest, you don’t get to meet such a beautiful soul and such a caring, gentle human being every day. I’m thankful!

Milica J. Serbia

“A Wonderful Buzz”

I had been experiencing challenges with balancing my chakras for a week during self-sessions and the Reiki chakra balancing session with Esther helped unblock and reset them wonderfully in addition to her intuitive insight on what I’m going through, which was spot on. After the session, I could instantly feel the energetic buzz again in my chakras and take care of myself more for it.

Mark O. Canada