From Past Life Regression Clients

“Deeply Moving & Life Changing”

My past life regression therapy session with Esther was one of the most deeply moving, life changing and transformational experiences of my life. Esther is loving, compassionate, intuitive and angelic and she created a safe and calm space for me to regress into my past live. Esther held a safe space and energy for me and very quickly through her love, support and soothing words I was able to enter a deep state of relaxation and allow for my subconscious thoughts to present themselves. Wow! What an extraordinary experience. I could feel the energetic shifts and blocks dissolving through the session and upon opening my eyes I felt lighter, free, I was smiling and completely in awe of this amazing gift and spirit of Esther and the process I had experienced. Esther has a beautiful energy and she is a loving spiritual healer. I will be having more sessions with Esther as the benefits of the healing have changed my life. Open your heart and mind to this healing therapy and see Esther. She is a truly remarkable woman!

Anna M. Australia

“One Of The Most Amazing Experiences Ever!”

The past life regression session with Esther took me to a space where I could put my stressed conscious mind aside and let my true self speak. The words that came out surprised me but not as much as the emotions I felt. There’s no doubt in my mind that the emotions I experienced when I was regressed into my past life were real. The pain when loosing someone you love is something I have not experienced in this life but I did in my past life. Esther guided me through many other energy shifts in the most beautiful and intuitive way making every single transition so meaningful to a point of self realisation of pure love and consequently acceptance. Since the session I’ve experienced a deep sense of peace and openness that has helped me to reconnect with my family and friends. It has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had!

Miguel M. Venezuela

“Life Changing”

My experience with Esther and Past life regression was life changing.  I have tried other therapy sessions before and the way Esther presented it was calming for my mind which initially harboured some resistance and a skeptical attitude. However, when we started, I immediately felt at ease and things just flowed and I entered an emotionally intense and relevant past life nearly straight away. I loved how Esther directed me when I got to the end of an experience and how she listened and guided me to go back to heal & transform everything that has caused me suffering from anger, racism and guilt.  This experience has offered a whole new awareness allowing me to view, process and respond to things in a far more positive, connected and loving way. It has allowed me to soften and relax more. I totally recommend Esther. The session was an amazing experience and well worth the money and time.

Rusty D. USA

“Potent Beyond My Wildest Imagination”

I could thank Esther a thousand times over, as what we co-created in our session was potent beyond my wildest imagination.This is Esther’s super power, to go beyond this tactile world that we often get very ‘stuck’ in and transcend to new dimensions that serve your highest good in this everyday! The best and most beautiful recommendation I can give and what I loved the most about our session is although it is past life regression therapy Esther’s focus is always aligning the teachings to this current life. Ensuring that you are blossoming in the here and now. Ensuring that you are opening to your best self and shifting limitations in this life. It’s all quite a spectacular gift yourself. This life feels more clear, conscious and I as a person feel more confident weeks after the session

Stacey W. Australia

“Eternally Grateful”

I recently had a past life regression therapy session with Esther and I was very pleasantly surprised. Though slightly skeptical (I consider a healthy level) I had no idea what to expect, yet I went in open for anything.

Prior to the session Esther asked me a few questions around where I was struggling or experiencing blocks in my life and I said my financial situation was dire to say the least. Upon further exploration we discovered a lack of worth and inability to receive being the deeper issue.

I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams what came up during the session, which is also why I know it was not my imagination.

Since my meeting with Esther, my life has completely shifted. I remember thinking about it a few days prior to her follow-up email a few weeks later. Suddenly I was attracting clients from the most unimaginable places. I was thrilled to confirm 2 speaking gigs, one internationally and things were just flowing … as if someone had dropped me into the vortex flow once again.

I absolutely have no doubt that it was the blocks we cleared in the session that changed things dramatically for me and I am eternally grateful to Esther for this. She is an extremely devoted and skilled therapist and gifted healer and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to move forward or just not liking where they are at. The great thing is you don’t even need to know what it is as she helps you to discover that in the session.

Dean Powell (Facilitator/Coach/Author/Presenter)

“Haven’t Felt So Complete Before”

Since my PL regression session, I have been experiencing a peaceful feeling—a calm mood, a time of reflection and sitting in a place of ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’. My fears of abandonment have dissipated—I feel secure in my relationship with a solid knowing that I am loved and worthy as I am. Thank you so much Esther for working with me through this—I haven’t felt so complete before.

Also, I want you know that I’m benefiting much from the Soul Guidance—I have listened to it twice and am amazed at the resonance I feel with it.

Thank you for the work you do. Your gifts are amazing and will be truly cherished forever—you are a Light! Love to you.

Diane R. USA

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

Esther, I had such an amazing regression session with you! Being able to go back into my past life and see the patterns that have continued into this life was a real eye opener. And being able to work with you to heal the past life really helped me and I got to see how I can easily change what has been going on in this one – so that I enjoy it more and so the pattern does not repeat beyond this lifetime! You were so great to work with, your patience and compassion is immeasurable and your depth of knowledge and professionalism is astounding! I really appreciated receiving the notes of the session afterwards to reflect on. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are an angel!

David R. Australia

“Unique, Beautiful & Life Changing”

When I saw Esther, I felt at peace from the very first minute. Something is very special about her. Her energy is amazing I opened up very easily as I felt secure speaking to someone who has a lot of empathy and is incredibly intuitive. I felt she would guess what I was trying to say even if I couldn’t find my words. I was a bit scared of doing a hypnosis with a « stranger » but Esther made me feel at home and safe and the therapy went perfectly well. She guided me gently and helped me get to places where I have never been, understand some of my patterns’ roots, phobias and more. I experienced something unique and really beautiful…It was life changing and helped me a lot.. I could never thank her enough. I’m so grateful I met Esther, she is really gifted..

Emna K. Tunesia

“Truly Incredible”

Esther is an amazing therapist. Her approach is based on great knowledge and experience which makes you feel straight away that you are with a professional and she has a very peaceful energy about her. You don’t have to be spiritual for the therapy to work as she will guide you to heal the things you need. I tried a session to get to the roots of some addictions I have been struggling with. I don’t have words to describe the experience as it was very personal and truly incredible and only 2 days after the session I felt completely different and was able to quit the addictions I’ve had for many years. I totally recommend you try a session as you don’t have anything to lose, but maybe a lot to win!

Andoni N. Spain

“One Of The Most Amazing Experiences Ever”

There are not enough words to describe how grateful I feel for Esther’s help.
At the moment of my past life regression, my life was completely upside down. I was going through the most painful situation I have ever faced and I was feeling completely lost, full of uncertainty and fear. On a certain level, I knew that everything was happening to me for a good reason, but I couldn’t understand why and I definitely wasn’t able to see any good in such painful situations. The session with Esther was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had and after that my life completely transformed. It helped me understand many issues I wasn’t able to see in my current life, and it provided insights far more comprehensive than the situation I was going through at the time. Since the session, I have gained self-confidence and I feel completely connected to the universe and to myself and amazing experiences of synchronicity are happening in my life that make me feel that I am on the right path to being the best version of myself. I highly recommend Esther’s past life regression therapy!

Virginia P. Spain

“Deep Healing of Very Old Wounds”

I turned up to my past life regression therapy session not knowing what to expect and slightly nervous. We started with a nice cup of tea and a conversation around the intentions that I had set for the session. Esther made sure that she understood exactly what I was intending to heal and after our conversation I was as ready as I could be to start exploring. The regression started quickly and unexpectedly but the explorations did not go in the intended direction and things became frustrating to the point that I got the urge to quit the session altogether. Esther was very intuitive. She quickly picked up on this vibe and managed to very subtly re-direct me on the right path. Her loving presence and intuitive guidance were essential to my journey. She not only helped me to stick to the path and see what I needed to see but also that I opened up to it and deeply felt it. This session was not just a past life regression but a deep healing of some very old wounds.

Farzam M. Iran

“Incredibly Powerful”

My past life regression session with Esther was incredibly powerful! She guided me through a series of past life experiences with gentleness and care, helping me to first see, and then clear some long held emotions and trauma. Having Esther by my side through this was like having a therapist on hand, and her skilled navigation supported me to feel completely safe throughout the experience. Esther’s pre session consultation and post session care was also fabulous. Thank you Esther for sharing your incredible gift and supporting me to clear such deep and unseen wounds.

Alice W. USA


I’ve had two past life regression sessions with Esther so far and have a third one booked next week. The results have exceeded my expectations by far. My anxiety subsided substantially, which is AMAZING!!! I feel much calmer and self confident. The fear of not being enough has alleviated. The mere understanding of what has happened to me (or for me) in these past lives inspired deep healing and relief not to speak of the healing on a subconscious level. Esther is an amazing practitioner – empathetic and professional. I felt safe, guided and in-good-hands every second of the sessions. She provided me with all necessary help, information, guidance while at the same time creating a space for me to let the session unfold according to the will of my Higher Self. I strongly recommend a past life regression session with Esther!

Ewa B. Poland

“Forever Grateful”

I have recently gone on a healing journey with Esther in beautiful Bali. The work she has done with me through a past life regression session and then a follow up Reiki session has moved me as a human into another higher and more developed version of myself. What she was able to do for me is powerful and shifted who I was at the core. I will be forever grateful for my time spent with her. If you are seeking a profound journey to self, Esther is the therapist you need. Her practice and her energy are powerful tools. Whatever your personal journey may be Esther can guide you on a path to a higher version of yourself. I will be forever grateful for the time spent with her. Thank you Esther!

Dana L. USA

” A Sense of Magic”

I have been interested in past life regression therapy for years, but at the same time I was highly skeptical and unsure whether to try it, until I received a regression session as a birthday present and decided to put my skepticism to the test! Esther created a safe space for me and I felt I could trust her completely and once I surrendered and set my judgement aside something magical happened. It may be different for everyone, but for me it was a very deep, surprising & beautiful experience. Esther kindly and gently guided me through the labyrinths of my subconscious mind – it was like going down the rabbit hole, but well accompanied. She was an exceptional guiding light through the entire session, helping me find meaning when at times I stumbled into darkness while encouraging me to find my own way and comforting me during some highly emotional moments. The session provided me with a lot of clarity regarding certain repetitive patterns in my present life. For weeks after the session forgotten things and issues I have been struggling with for years resurfaced in my mind, but now appearing in a different light allowing me to process them differently. It gave me so much freedom to look at them afresh and start healing from a place of newly gained awareness, compassion & understanding. My past life regression with Esther has been a truly unique and profound experience and I can’t recommend it enough! It took me on an intimate and amazing journey into my soul and restored a sense of ‘magic’ in my life.

Danche B. Macedonia

“A Profound Spiritual Awakening”

I didn’t get what I was looking for, as I found even more than I was expecting. I found a path to a spiritual journey. During and after the past life regression, I experienced a release from my past life entrapment karma and a healing from current past life trauma. I’ve learned about forgiveness, I rediscovered my pure innocence joy that I lost for years and also went through a profound spiritual awakening. Esther is an excellent guide, and her advice rang true to my issues.

Mulie A. Indonesia

“Something To Never Forget”

I had not heard much about Past life regression therapy until I met Esther. I’ve been going through a lot of emotional pain the past 9 months and she suggested it to me to understand myself better and explain why certain aspects of my life are the way they are now, which ultimately could be out of my control. Intrigued and always looking at ways to understand and better myself, I booked a session with Esther and was greeted by her bubbly personality and infectious warmth & love. She welcomed me into to her home and we spoke prior to the actual regression about the current issues I was facing in my life. It’s always nice to have advice from friends & family regarding a problem, however they tend to just side with you during times of need as they just want to comfort you and be there. Esther however, listens so attentively, then provides advice that is constructive, truthful & precise. With only having a short time frame to explain the past 30 years of my life, I felt like with her brilliant intuition and knowledge, she just knew how I was feeling and pieced it all together in a matter of hours. Sometimes as much as you may not want to hear something, you need someone to tell you exactly how it is in order to challenge yourself and have complete acceptance of who you are and why.
With this understanding of me and my current issues she then led me through an intense past life regression session. I didn’t really know what to expect before seeing Esther, but she explained it all clearly before we began and I felt at total ease the whole time. What I saw in the session explained a lot about why I am the way I am now and has led me to a place of understanding and acceptance, as I know now that a lot was beyond my control due to issues carried on from my past life to this one and we worked on clearing and transforming those issues in order to become more empowered in my current life. Although I still have a lot of things to work through, it’s a lot easier progressing on my path to recovery now, after investing in this time with Esther. It is something I will never forget and I am so glad to have met her. She truly is an amazing healer and is such a beautiful soul who genuinely just wants to help you.

Chloe S. Australia

“A Life Changing Experience”

I had for some time felt the need to do a past life regression because for most of my life I have been struggling with a sense of deeper sexual unworthiness that I have felt limited me in my relationships. I had read about how we can carry blockages from past lives so I wanted to explore that to see if my sense of shame was connected to anything before this life.

After reading a bit on Esther's website I had a good feeling that she was the right person to contact. Our initial meeting was great. Esther welcomed me to her beautiful home and practice and we talked about my issue and why I was there. Together we set a clear intention for the session and got ready to do the regression.

I got to see a past life which had a history that directly related to my sexual issues. It was a profound experience and together with Esther I worked through it until the full picture was revealed. After that we worked on integrating the memories and letting go of the bonds from that life to this. It was a beautiful closure and I received a lot of healing in the process. Since then I feel that my energy has shifted and I no longer have that feeling of unworthiness in me. I'm sure there's more inner work to be done for me in this area, but I feel that something very good and important was achieved in this regression.

I want to recommend Esther's work to anyone who struggles with deeper issues and seeks clarity, or anyone who feels drawn to exploring a past life. Esther is warm and kindhearted and brings a great amount of expertise into the session. I had a very long session, and at all times I felt safe and secure. She sat patiently with me and guided me through the different experiences. When I needed to process some difficult things she was there with love and support and helped me work through it. Thank you Esther for this life-changing experience.

Murli S. Sweden

“Beyond My Imagination”

I cannot recommend Esther more highly.  Meeting her, I was instantly supported by her warm and nurturing energy.  She was professional and clear, but at all times I felt she was very committed to my experience.  I trusted her to help guide me through an experience that has truly been transformative for me.

I came to past life regression in an effort to help me understand my constant discontent with a relatively good life.  Looking back on my life, I was clear that most of my challenges were self-inflicted, yet after decades of therapy, I was still making dumb choices.  Working with Esther pulled the veil from my eyes, and since that afternoon, I have inhabited my body, my spirt, and my life, as if they were an old comfortable pair of jeans I’ve loved forever.  I’m immensely more patient with myself and those around me.

I would have never predicted the experience I had, nor could I have ever imagined how it would change the way I feel about everything.  Really. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to take this journey with Esther.

Marcelyn S. Singapore

“An Amazing Experience”

I went into the experience a bit apprehensive that it could help me or effect any change in my life, but I have to say sitting down with Esther immediately put my heart at ease. She is a wonderfully kind and compassionate soul. From the start of the session, she helped me focus in on a specific problem and intention. I was able to experience a past life that brought up trauma and emotions I didn't even know I had repressed, but at no point did I feel scared or overwhelmed. Esther is there skillfully guiding you throughout the whole process and helping you to feel protected and empowered. I felt that she rewired me at a subconscious level to change my story and take charge of my life, to step back into my own power. My friends remarked that in the days after the session I seemed transformed, and I felt the change within myself. I am forever grateful to Esther for her power and wisdom as a therapist. If you are at all hesitant, I encourage you to dive in, it's an amazing experience and definitely worth the investment in yourself!

Rania E. USA

“Deeply Healing”

I highly recommend Regression Therapy. The 3 sessions I had with Esther assisted me greatly in many areas of my current life difficulties. Regression Therapy provided new awareness and insights to areas that I had not previously explored; giving clarity what in my life I need to work on. The past lives I explored during the sessions helped me to heal my deepest pain and identify and release blockages in my current life.  I found that after the sessions my emotions were more stable and I reacted differently to stressful situations, with a more sensible, positive and insightful approach as opposed to merely acting out of my emotions. Esther is a gifted therapist and healer who has a professional and strongly intuitive, personal and empathetic approach towards her clients. I felt natural, comfortable and in a safe zone during the sessions due to Esther’s expertise and calming and nurturing nature.

Tanya C. Australia


I admit I was skeptical about past life regression. However, under Esther’s patient and expert guidance I entered a “waking dream” state with a remarkable story from which I still have very powerful imagery in my mind a few years later.  The experience opened my mind and inspired more questions – ones that are more useful to my personal growth than the ones I had before. Throughout the 3 regression sessions we also worked on issues related to a complex relationship with a parent and since our sessions I have found myself increasingly relaxed, tolerant, forgiving and compassionate in my dealing with this person and the issues we worked on greatly improved. I found the experience of past life regression to cultivate profound healing and self-exploration. 

Paul F. Hong Kong

“Life Changing”

I came to Esther when I was at my lowest. The therapy was like no other. It gave me a new sense of clarity and opened my eyes to a side of me I never knew existed. Esther was very supportive throughout the whole session. She made me feel safe with her gentle guidance. Now a few days after the therapy, I can feel that I am slowly healing. I highly recommend a regression therapy session with Esther, it is life changing!

Riri I. Indonesia

“So Powerful”

I coincidentally got introduced to Esther via a friend who booked a past life regression session with her and didn’t want to go alone. I had my suspicions and fears about the whole past life thing as well, but decided to challenge myself and so I tried it. So glad and grateful that I did. Esther, herself is a very kind soul, the moment you meet her, your fears diminish and you know you are safe in her hands and then starts the journey. A journey of enlightenment, joy, deep spiritual confidence and love... The experience was so powerful that I can’t summarise it here, but I strongly suggest all my friends to try it with her by believing and trusting in it. At the end of the day, you see it if you believe it!

Heval O. Turkey

“Highly Recommendable!”

My session with Esther was the first time I’ve gone through a regression. I was nervous and not sure what to expect but felt like regression therapy would be helpful for insight on some areas of my life I’ve been trying to work out.  In the end, I was so glad I made the decision to do the session and so grateful that Esther was the therapist facilitating this experience for me.  Esther was careful, thoughtful, loving and patient throughout what ended up being quite an extensive session.  It was literally several hours, and Esther was supportive all the way through.  I was sharing myself and all my vulnerabilities with her, and I felt she acknowledged the importance of this and did not take this for granted for a second.  I would recommend a session with her in a heartbeat.

Jennifer P. Hong Kong

“Deeply Revealing”

Esther guided me through deeper revelations and more nuanced stories on an issue I have been consciously resolving for the past two years. I thought a big chunk had been resolved but Esther created a space for me to see more of what it is and also a re-assurance on what is meant to be learned and resolved, observing the conditionings of an unquestioned mind and instilling the experience in me for a more sustainable integration of the self. As a intuitive energy worker myself, I love what Esther brings and highly recommend her.

Mark O. Canada

“Beautiful and Deeply Moving Discoveries”

I got to know about Esther through a friend and tried one of her Reiki sessions. I used to be very sceptical about Reiki yet the raving review of my friend convinced me to try it. It was such an amazing and relaxing experience. I felt the impact of the energy for days after. This amazing first experience with Reiki made me come back for a regression session. And this turned out to be a very powerful experience. Esther was amazing at guiding me so deep and she has the great gift of creating and holding those safe spaces where it is possible to let go completely and just feel what truly lives inside. For me it was a really transformative session and I am highly recommending Esther for both Reiki and regression sessions. You will feel held and loved and safe. Thank you so much for the beautiful and deeply moving discoveries.

Kerstin R. Germany

“Intense in a Positive Way”

My session with Esther was very intense in a positive way. Her guidance and perseverance to go deeper in my story made sure we went full circle with the story we worked on.

She kept asking and digging deeper in the regression. I am really grateful for her being there and her dedication to finish what we started even beyond the agreed timeline she had in mind. She guided me so well and was so open and gifted to bring me to what I needed to see so I could understand what was shown to me. She also made sure I went home with a positive feeling as my regression was an intense one for me. She resolved the issues together with me till it was cleared. It has helped me to understand current situations in my life and questions that where unanswered have an answer now. I saw what I needed to see in the right time. I would recommend a regression with Esther to anyone who is 100% open and ready to do this. I can only speak positive of my experience. Thanks again, dear Esther.

Elze L. Belgium

“Profoundly Insightful & Life Changing”

I met Esther by chance (though I’d rather say “fate”) when I was staying in a room above her house. We talked and she was very kind and helpful. At first, I was just curious about the past-life regression therapy, but I did not intend to do it. Also, I was never interested in Reiki before.

However, Esther shows so much knowledge, confidence, and care, that I couldn’t help but consider, “Why not?” It took me some days to make up my mind and book a past-life regression session with her, but she never pushed me into it.

Before the session, I had to fill out a questionnaire, which not only set the mood for this event, but also made me think about what I was really worried about or yearning for in my life.

The session was really life-changing. First Esther and I had a meaningful conversation, until she found the best “approaches” to our session. I was expecting only to revisit my past lives, but in my case it was meant to be about talking and listening to and channeling my spiritual guides to receive new profound insight and get certain questions answered.

Throughout the experience, I felt very safe with Esther. That’s why, when one spiritual guide told me to develop my healing powers, I decided to become a Reiki apprentice under her guidance.

The first level of Esther’s Reiki course took one whole day. This was another life-changing experience, and I had feelings I had never felt before – peace, empowerment, self-awareness.

Esther explains everything in a very clear, confident way, so I felt part of the whole experience, instead of just a mere spectator/student.

Three months later, I’m still developing my Reiki, and I’m looking forward to the next level. I also feel that I need to attend another past-life session, and I’ll definitely do it with Esther.

Above all, I was not very sure of what to do with my “potential” powers, after some poor advice given to me in the past. I addressed my doubts with Esther, and she did a great job in facilitating me to find clarity of mind and in empowering me to follow this path.

Makoto Y. Brazil