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You are so worthy of the most loving, financially secure, joyful, expansive and meaningful life. And it'd be my honour to help you embody your full potential and the magnificent source of abundance that you already are!

“Surpassed Anything I Could Have Imagined!”

I had the privilege of having one of Esther’s Soulful Abundance Activation sessions. It way surpassed anything I could have imagined! I was so lovingly guided to perceive how my default way of talking about my “old stories” creates their continuation of that frequency. I sometimes forget that so it was very good to be reminded. And that was just scratching the surface. I was made aware of how far I have come and all the miraculous, prosperous flowing adventures ahead of me if I only just take my soul’s sage advice and keep my frequencies high. I am so inspired to be vigilant about my thoughts now. It isn’t as though this was new to me, but it was so articulately and lovingly presented that I am more inspired than ever before. I can’t recommend Esther’s keen ability to get her personality out of the way and to be such a clear channel for the Divine within me.

And the reiki healing that was included in this was extremely profound as well. At the end, Esther shared with me the insights she got at each chakra that she was working on during the energy healing. Each one that she shared felt completely accurate. Do yourself a big favor and book a session with Esther – you won’t regret that you gifted this to yourself!

Gaelyn Larrick. USA

In this new 2 hour SOULFUL ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION you will:

Discover what your money and abundance blocks are, conveyed directly by your soul in a powerful soul channeling.

Uncover what is holding you back at the deepest subconscious levels to help you replace that old money story with a high vibrational new vision that will help you embody new frequencies of abundance.

Expand your mindset and your heart space in an invigorating gratitude and abundance visualisation.

Receive a deep energy healing to activate your chakras and higher vibration on an emotional, mental and physical level to magnetise more financial abundance, more freedom, more love, more gratitude, more joy.

Which is the ESSENCE OF MANIFESTING TRUE ABUNDANCE - it isn’t solely about clearing blocks and self-defeating beliefs and gaining new awareness...

As pivotal as those steps are, you don’t want to remain stuck in the clearing (as many of us do) as it invokes an energy of struggle... of contraction.


In order to receive more, you have to BE more!


Helps you EXPAND and raise your energy, your own vibrational container INSTANTLY, so that you’re able to hold more abundance and transcend your invisible “abundance ceiling”.

Encourages you to feel grateful and abundant in the present moment, an ESSENTIAL FOUNDATION to manifesting the financial wealth, the true loving relationship, the freedom and vibrant health you desire.

Inspires you to embody an expansive, joyful and empowering vision and act on it as if it were already true! THE KEY TO CREATING THE MOST ABUNDANT REALITY for yourself - one that your Soul is already living as it cannot be anything less than a radiant source of abundance, love, health and wealth!


Sessions are conducted online via Zoom video (an easy to use platform).

This powerful session makes a wonderful gift too; please feel free to share with friends and family.