From Soulful Abundance Activation

“This Is God’s Work!“

I had a Soulful Abundance Activation session with Esther and my heart is filled with so much gratitude - this is literally God's work!

Such a deep level of revelation about my issues was revealed during this powerful session. The soul channeling still gives me goosebumps in the best possible way - the messages that came through were like the deepest part of myself speaking to me, so lovingly, without judgement, and wholeheartedly for my highest well-being! I felt so touched and warm, and the insight was truly mind-blowing and so relevant to my current situation.

The meditation was short but very powerful, and adequately placed after the supercharged upliftment of the soul channeling. I got right into the release and received a profound realization about what is truly important in my life. Like a reset button when you face your true North..

Then as if two powerful hits were not enough, the third wave of healing - Reiki - brought everything to full circle. Esther carefully felt into each of my chakras. Although I had some knowledge and understanding about where I was at, her discovery brought new insight and surprise. I loved the further messages she brought forth from my body and chakras! Such important awareness for me to carry forward during my self-work.

A couple of weeks after the session changes really happened to help me shift out of the funk I had been in. With hindsight, the session had provided the energetic lift that I needed to get to a better place!

Throughout the whole process Esther was very professional, gentle, loving and compassionate. Esther brings 200% of herself to the session: the dedication, the care, the presence, and the utilization of her gifts with such grace and finesse.

I'm truly grateful that we aligned for this session. With her pure heart, centeredness and divine gifts of clear channeling -and energy work, to work with her is a truly precious gift to give to yourself. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone who is ready to receive a strong elevation on their self-discovery journey!

Simmy L. Hong Kong

“Surpassed Anything I Could Have Imagined!”

I had the privilege of having one of Esther’s Soulful Abundance Activation sessions. It way surpassed anything I could have imagined! I was so lovingly guided to perceive how my default way of talking about my “old stories” creates their continuation of that frequency. I sometimes forget that so it was very good to be reminded.

And that was just scratching the surface. I was made aware of how far I have come and all the miraculous, prosperous flowing adventures ahead of me if I only just take my soul’s sage advice and keep my frequencies high. I am so inspired to be vigilant about my thoughts now. It isn’t as though this was new to me, but it was so articulately and lovingly presented that I am more inspired than ever before.

I can’t recommend Esther’s keen ability to get her personality out of the way and to be such a clear channel for the Divine within me.

And the reiki healing that was included in this was extremely profound as well. At the end, Esther shared with me the insights she got at each chakra that she was working on during the energy healing. Each one that she shared felt completely accurate.

Do yourself a big favor and book a session with Esther – you won’t regret that you gifted this to yourself!

Gaelyn Larrick. USA

“Book Your Session Now!”

I truly feel called to share my experience receiving Esther‘s Soulful Abundance Activation.

I have been looking for some support with a blockage that I could not get to by myself. The same day I came across Esther’s new offering and it deeply resonated.

The session itself was so much more than what she described it to be in our initial conversation. Esther created a very strong and safe container that allowed me to recall memories of my childhood that were long forgotten and together with her channeling gave me a lot of clarity and answered many questions.

The second part of the session was a powerful energy healing session that started the integration process of the earlier work and ended with her adding further valuable insights.

For anybody considering to work with Esther I can only recommend to book your session now!

Thank you Esther for sharing your beautiful gifts.

Robin S. Bali

“Truly Special”

I want to thank Esther for a beautiful Soulful Abundance Activation session. I had been feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward. The session included a channeling to explore my issues, a meditation to help reach and maintain an abundance mindset and a Reiki healing to clear out blocks.

The channeling got right to the heart of the matter, giving me new insights and awareness’s. The meditation is a tool I am now using on a daily basis to raise my frequency. The Reiki energy deeply relaxed me as it cleared out each chakra. The combination of all pieces left me feeling hopeful, revitalized and cleared.

On top of all of that, the session was truly special because Esther has such a nurturing and loving approach. It felt natural to relax, trust and take in the wisdom that was shared.

Jen O. USA