Please note that due to Bali being so transient and clients often not being able to see me for multiple sessions as they may travel on in a few days the sessions have organically grown to approx 4.5 hrs allowing for the most profound possible healing journey in just one session, whether conducted in person or online via Zoom video as my clients live all over the world. The most well-known Regression therapists conduct 95% of their sessions online because of the great success rate with people being more comfortable & relaxed in their own home.

Please learn more about Past Life Regression therapy below

“Potent Beyond My Wildest Imagination”

I could thank Esther a thousand times over, as what we co-created in our session was potent beyond my wildest imagination.This is Esther’s super power, to go beyond this tactile world that we often get very ‘stuck’ in and transcend to new dimensions that serve your highest good in this everyday! The best and most beautiful recommendation I can give and what I loved the most about our session is although it is past life regression therapy Esther’s focus is always aligning the teachings to this current life. Ensuring that you are blossoming in the here and now. Ensuring that you are opening to your best self and shifting limitations in this life. It’s all quite a spectacular gift yourself. This life feels more clear, conscious and I as a person feel more confident weeks after the session

Stacey W. Australia

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?


Past life regression is a profound and powerful therapy that allows people to heal emotional, spiritual and physical issues, to reconnect, become deeply empowered and transform their lives.

Unpleasant experiences from our past that caused us overwhelming emotions like sadness and grief, emotional or physical trauma, relationship problems or anger can remain in our energetic system, blocking the natural flow of positivity and affecting our present life. Regression Therapy involves going back to the root cause of a problem which may be below the level of conscious awareness and originate from early childhood and prenatal experiences. In these cases the therapy will involve healing around those current life events in a beautiful and transformative process called ‘Healing the Inner Child’. However, it could be that the root cause goes all the way back to a past life and then the healing will be around those events. It really doesn’t matter if the experience is perceived as real or not as it is the healing that ensues that is the focus. Either way, regression therapy is a powerful process of resolving emotional, spiritual and physical problems and the healing that may occur can be instant, miraculous and immensely profound.

How is Past Life Regression able to resolve current life issues?


During your past life regression session, you’re given the opportunity to resolve traumas incurred in one or several past lives that to this day have subconsciously been influencing your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Reliving and transforming these memories creates a whole new understanding which empowers you to forgive, release, learn and make different choices in your present life.

At some stage in the session we will also reach out to your Higher Self and spirit guide(s) to request guidance and answers related to the issue we’re working on, your life’s purpose or any other questions you may have. Receiving these new insights can be deeply transformative in how you’ll approach your life and potential challenges going forward.

There isn’t always a need to relive a traumatic past life. Sometimes, it can be extremely rewarding to reconnect with an ‘easy and happy’ past life to, for example, access strengths and accomplishments of that life, or to experience worthiness and unconditional love and clarify your purpose in your current life.

Does it work?


Absolutely! Past life regression therapy has been developed over the last forty years by a variety of professional psychologists and psychiatrists. Most pioneers, such as Dr. Brian Weiss, came to use it accidentally and it took him several years to overcome his own skepticism, yet the astonishing therapeutic results with his clients were undeniable. It proved that past life regression can generate profound and immediate healing in people. Most of those clients had spent years in conventional therapy with either little or no improvements and didn’t necessarily believe in past lives.

You don’t need to believe in reincarnation to enjoy the full benefits of the session, all you need is to be open to your own experience and to receive the healing and answers you are looking for. Today, past life regression is recognized as an amazingly effective therapy that can offer extremely powerful and life-changing results with nearly all issues, but to name a few:

  • Creating Abundance
  • Feeling stuck or unfulfilled
  • Discovering of life's purpose
  • Feeling unworthy or unloved
  • Love relationships
  • Physical pain stress & disease
  • Depression and lack of self-confidence
  • Insomnia, phobias, fears, anxieties, & addictions
  • Anger issues, guilt & difficulties forgiving

What to expect during the session?


We begin by talking about you and your life and by going over the answers of the confidential questionnaire that you would have reflected on prior to our session, including challenges you’re encountering and the reason for you to seek regression therapy.

This is an important part of our session as it’ll give us a chance to connect and for you to get to know me and feel comfortable with me and to reassure yourself that you can trust me and the process.

Next, we’ll proceed with the actual regression session in which I guide you into a state of very deep relaxation and focus, as that it how most people experience a state of clinical hypnosis or trance, allowing the subconscious mind to instill an awareness that isn’t accessible with just your conscious mind. See it as your conscious mind taking a seat on the back burner, a silent witness if you like, yet you remain in control at all times.

You may either receive images, a feeling or sense of knowing or maybe even a smell or a sound. No matter how irrelevant or ridiculous they may seem to you, they might be pivotal in allowing a story to develop and thus it is of utmost importance for you to share openly with me and not to concern yourself with whether what you see or feel is real or not. Often when people think nothing is happening it is due to the fact that they had preconceived notions and expectations and brushed away a vision or thought as imagination. There is absolutely no rush or pressure as usually a story evolves an image or scene at a time and I’m there to guide and support you through it every step of the way.

A little reminder that you are responsible for your own experience and when you enter a past life to go in with an open mind and let things flow and to trust that your Higher Self only allows things to surface that are beneficial to your healing process.

Please know that a small percentage of people won’t be able to access a past life for various reasons, such as ongoing medication, current life events that are more important to deal with first or the inability to follow the instructions of the therapist. In that case, we'll do a powerful healing process in itself called "healing the inner child".

A regression session usually lasts approx 4.5 hours and certain issues may require on average two or three sessions to completely clear as different layers are healed throughout several sessions, yet most clients experience great improvements or even complete healing after just one session.

Schedule a 4.5 hour Regression Session – Price: USD 580