From Life Between Lives

“Deeply Moving and Life Changing”

My experience with Esther was both deeply moving and life changing. I did a Life Between Lives session and a preparatory regression session the day before to heal any trauma from past lives. The regression session was extremely powerful, and it took me to a past life that was still having an impact on my current life. Esther guided me gently and supportively throughout the whole process and enabled me to release the trauma and to integrate the healing into the present.

The LBL session was also extremely powerful and gave me enormous insight into the spirit realm and my soul groups. It was wonderful to meet my support team, the past life council, and the ‘light’, as well as receive answers to my questions and connect with the energy of my soul family – two of whom are in my current life.

Esther gave me the time to process each stage before moving forwards, and I was very aware of her love and support throughout the session.

The whole journey has been truly amazing and the shift in energy and focus that I am now experiencing is incredibly profound. I can’t recommend Esther highly enough and am truly grateful for this beautiful experience.

Clare H. England

“An Incredible and Amazing Experience!”

I was very curious what the Life Between Lives session was going to bring me. I formulated some questions regarding my intentions for this lifetime, my purpose and why I faced certain challenges.

During the preparation session (the day prior to the LBL) Esther guided me to a past life and an episode of my current life that needed healing. Although it was quite intense, Esther held space for me and guided me in such a beautiful and gentle way that it felt very safe and comfortable to heal and integrate these traumatic experiences.

During the LBL session Esther brought me into a deep and comfortable trance from where I was able to connect with the Spirit realm. It was an incredible experience. I visited different 'places' and met souls from my soul group. It deeply moved me to experience the love and warmth and the deep soul connections. When I was curious to explore some areas a bit more in depth, some souls guided me around and gave me insight into the 'work' that was done there.

During the last part I received detailed answers to my questions and insight in specific relationships.

I feel I gained more lightness, trust and clarifications on several topics and an even stronger connection with my soul family – some of which are dear friends in my current life- and a deeper way of feeling the support of my loving grandmother watching over me from the spirit realm .

I felt Esther close to me during the whole journey and I'm so grateful for her loving and caring energy and soothing voice. Her guidance made the whole process very natural and smooth, but at the same time profound and thorough. I'm very grateful for this amazing and beautiful experience!

Catriene S. The Netherlands

“Truly Life Changing”

Esther, thank you so much for the truly life changing session. Connecting to my soul in my Life Between Lives session with you was so powerful!

I feel I know who I am more clearly, I feel safer in my body, and I now know more deeply why I'm here in this life.

In the days since our session, I've noticed so many great shifts in truly embodying more self-worth. All the insights about my purpose and my gifts during the session were just remarkably helpful.

I'm so grateful for your support in guiding this Life Between Lives session.

Noah E. USA

“Deeply Impacted”

I am so grateful for everything that Esther has helped me to work through and overcome. She has an innate ability to build trust and put both my conscious and subconscious mind at ease to work through an emotionally intensive life between lives.

I didn't know much about LBL going in, but Esther took the time to explain our approach and what I might experience. She provided a detailed questionnaire in preparation and asked thoughtful questions before guiding me through the two-piece session.

As we progressed, I came against some challenging and emotional experiences through which she expertly guided me. Esther took the time to ensure we removed any and all necessary blocks in our first session to support a successful follow-up to visit in-between lives.

Having previously completed two past life regressions with Esther, I was intrigued to revisit those past souls as my soul family in the spirit realm, it was a heart-warming reunion.

I also came to understand a number of life questions through our journey. While I am still personally processing everything we uncovered - it was a lot! - I am incredibly grateful for Esther's continued support and guidance. She has deeply impacted my life with her work, and I offer my highest recommendation.

Nicole H. USA

“Profound and Deeply Touching!”

If you feel stuck in your life and unsure about why you are constantly repeating similar events, or you are looking to gain clarity on your life purpose, I would highly recommend a Life Between Lives session with Esther.

The first session consisted out of clearing unresolved energetic and emotional blockages in preparation for the Life Between Lives, through deep regression work.

Afterwards, I felt peaceful, calm, content and very connected with myself, as if nothing could perturb me and I imagine that’s how alignment with your source essence feels like.

The Life Between Lives session was an exploration of my soul memories in the spirit realm, where I was able to find guidance, answers and affirmations on things I intuitively already felt I needed to adapt, break free from, embrace or acknowledge.

What touched me deeply was the profound emotional guidance I received from two Wise Ones on my life purpose and what my soul’s ultimate lessons are this lifetime, which I found out I’ve been working on for many cycled lifetimes.

Esther is an amazing, accommodating and patient therapist. She has years of experience in this field working with clients all over the world.

With the profound experiences of her Soul Guidance, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives sessions, I feel things have come full circle for me as I received many “A Ha” moments that allow me to feel more confident in my truth and purpose and in helping others find theirs.

I have recommended many friends to Esther whom I thought would benefit from her sessions. Thank you, Esther, for the wonderful work you do!

Jennifer H. Taiwan