Esther’s Stories

I SAID “I DO”! 💗 (I know this will shock you!)

By EstherEvers / September 29, 2020 /

I SAID “I DO!” I woke up this morning to the altar in my garden adorned with beautiful offerings in honour of the ancestors that roamed this sacred land and who for the occasion had descended from their higher planes to whisper a powerful truth; we are indeed worthy of a life of our dreams.. While…

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New SOULFUL ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION at a crazy introduction price!

By EstherEvers / July 24, 2020 /

SOULFUL ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION AT A CRAZY INTRODUCTION PRICE! My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the many messages I received in response to the deeply personal story I shared a few days ago. It’s amazing how much it resonated with so many of you and I’m truly humbled how it inspired you to reach out for…

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I’LL END UP ON THE STREET! – How My Worst Fear Came True…

By EstherEvers / July 21, 2020 /

I’LL END UP ON THE STREET! The sickening, gut-wrenching and paralysing fear that surfaced from the depths of my subconscious when I literally found myself on the street during my divorce -had it not been for a dear soul sister who took me in – HAS STRUCK AGAIN! As a classically trained actress in my early…

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A Miraculous Past Life Regression Healing

By EstherEvers / June 2, 2020 /

HOW SHE WENT FROM SUICIDAL WITH DEBILITATING BACK PAIN TO BEING EMPOWERED AND PAIN FREE Sita flew to Bali specifically to see me. She was in her early twenties and filled with despair as her parents had been controlling every aspect of her life thus far and after an unsuccessful attempt at Medical School as…

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My “Broken Love” Story

By EstherEvers / December 20, 2019 /

My “Broken Love” Story I have taken a long hiatus from social media as I needed stillness… Preserving my energy for my clients while anchoring into the remembrance of who I truly am. Yet I’m finally ready… here’s my most raw, open and vulnerable sharing to date. So, grab a cup of tea as it’s…

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