From Yoga Students

“A Gifted Teacher with Soul”

I had the privilege to be guided in a private yoga session by Esther. This earth angel started class with setting an intention of happiness followed by a lovely chant. She then sequenced a beautiful, graceful & powerful flow that brought me to areas that in class I typically resist. Esther is a powerful yet gentle teacher with SOUL! Her queues are solid, her voice strong and so very real! Esther is gifted with the ability to get people to FEEL, not every yoga teacher can do this! I thank Esther for this truly unforgettable practice & time together. I’m so grateful to have been her student.

Rachaell D. USA

“An Unbelievably Healing & Beautiful Experience”

My private yoga classes with Esther were one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I suffered from severe chronic Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) which was not helped by medication and an operation was suggested by my physician as the only cure. Esther introduced several breathing techniques, with focus on diaphragmatic breathing, including Kapalabhati pranayama at the beginning of our sessions and then guided me through a gentle yoga practice with focus on my breathing that would ease my back problems as well. Unbelievably, I noticed an improvement with my reflux problems after only one session which allowed me to reduce my medication. Esther suggested I do pranayama daily between classes.  After only four sessions my reflux symptoms had completely disappeared and I was cured of my disease! I did continue my yoga with Esther as I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions, in which she encouraged me to stretch and strengthen my body and relax my mind with her expert adjustments and calming & soothing voice. I consider Esther a gifted yoga teacher who is able to take her students much further into their yoga practice than just poses alone and being guided on your yoga journey by her is a truly beautiful experience.

May T. Hong Kong

“One of the Best Instructor’s I’ve Had”

I had the honor of experiencing Esther’s yoga classes. I’ve taken many yoga classes taught by a number of instructors, and Esther is truly one of the best instructors I’ve had! She is energetic, motivating, encouraging, and takes the personal time to help each individual improve their practice and form. You will increase your strength and flexibility while maintaining your balance and peace in Esther’s class.

Christie S. USA